lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Love is War

Hey baby, what ever happened to the girl next door
If i remember, she looked a lot like you
Whatever happened to the boy who said, i'd die for you
We're hangin' on, but love is gone and now it's war

You got your weapons, baby i got mine
You tried to trap me with your bedroom eyes
Under the covers, 'cross the enemy lines
When you don't know, you just say no.

Tell me why, love is war
When the battle is done you still want more
Every broken heart is tryin' to even the score
It's the way of the world, love is war
Where boy meets girl, love is war

Oh i remember when the love was good and the bed was hot
But now we sleep on separate sides and the sheets are cold
Aw, i used to love your candy baby, now the store is closed

I know my silence tears you up inside
You built a fortress for your hurt to hide
You think you've won, but it's a tie
'cause nobody wins a war of pride

Fragmento de "Love is War", canción que no fue incluída en el "New Jersey" de Bon Jovi, y que luego se editó como parte de la edición japonesa del box set "100'000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't be Wrong", una colección de 4 CD y un DVD con recopilación de 50 canciones. La mayoría de ellas eran demos que no habían tenido cabida en anteriores álbumes o canciones versionadas de caras B o BSO. 

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